Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Cash for Clunkers? What is the true story?

Many people have asked about the Cash for clunkers program. Was it successful? What was the outcome? What was like living it day to day?

The other types of negative questions were in the nature of what was the true cost of the C.A.R.S program? Was it a give away? Was it just another bail out?

Well yes it was another bailout, but this time the people, you me and anyone with a older car/truck/van (average less than 18 M.P.G.), benefited from the program rather than hand billions of $ to a company where we the people saw little benefit and even less return.

As a car guy, we had the best month--EVER!! But it does not there. The cycle continues with the service people being paid to disable the engine. Then the tow drivers being paid to haul away the disabled clunker. Then scrap yards employing many people to crush the engine and transmission and the salvager's paying their people to harvest the remaining parts to be reused.

Yes, it might be big government spending lots of money, but this had a very direct and very immediate effect in both of getting less than efficient older cars off the road and helping to employ many people during a tough economic period.

And it's GREEN!!

So people, fire away! Good, bad? What's your thoughts?


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